The Association

The European Garter Snake Association is a non-commercial asscoiation of Garter Snake enthusiasts, sharing the interest in keeping and breeding snakes of the genus Thamnophis. Our international association brings together people from many different countries of Europe, however; at the moment many of our members come from Germany.

The EGSA exists since 1996 and since 2006 it is an officially registered association in Germany (e.V.).


The EGSA aims to enhance the exchange of information regarding keeping and breeding of Garter Snakes. Through coordinated breeding programs, we try to reduce the necessity for imports of wild-caught garters.

Service of our association

The EGSA offers its members a protected online forum and the online platform Four times a year, the official newspaper of our association “The Garter Snake” is published.  This newspaper covers all aspects of keeping and breeding garters. Once a year, the association organises a weekend meeting, where members and guests can chat and exchange knowledge, experience and animals. The EGSA also does public relation to inform people, kids and potential keepers about snakes in general and garters in particular. Furthermore, the EGSA tries to prevent inbreeding by organising breeding schedules.


The membership has a annual fee of 40.00 €. This fee includes  the access to the protected area of the webpage and the newspaper “The Garter Snake”. If you’d like you can apply for a membership here.

Bank Account

Please use the following bank details for transfering your annual fee.

Account holder: EGSA e.V.
Bank: Sparkasse Elmshorn
Sort code: 221 500 00
Account number: 11 356 27

For international transfers:

Account holder: EGSA e.V.
Account number (IBAN): DE05 2215 0000 0001 1356 27
Bank number (BIC): NOLADE21ELH
Bank: Sparkasse Elmshorn

Please make sure that any transfer or currency exchange fees are paid by you, and that a final amount of 30.00 Euro (€) reaches our account.


Here you can download a flyer - klick me

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